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Unicredit Bank

First Private Security Bank

At First Private Security Bank We Are Providing Excellent Banking and Secure Transfer Solutions

History: Unicredit Bank .

History: First Private Security Bank .

First Private Security Bank is a remarkable story of the transformation of a small obscure United State Bank into a financial institution of note; with emerging footprints on the international banking landscape...

Corporate Structure!

Corporate Structure!

good corporate governance is fundamental to earning and retaining the confidence and trust of its stakeholders.…

Our Philosphy: The way we visualize!

Our Philosphy: The way we visualize!

At the heart of everything we do, we will make our vision a reality and our mission a successful one. Together they form the bedrock of our business …


Online Banking

Online Banking is our internet banking service that provides you a world of convenience as it enables you to perform basic banking operations without having to visit any of our offices. It enables customers to have access to their accounts and carry out banking transactions online from the convenience of the PC (personal computer) and web-enabled mobile phones anywhere anytime.

We deliver best-in-class online solutions for both our corporate and private clients across our services with optimized security feature through our Online Banking channels.


Funds Transfer
  1. Intra-Bank Transfer (Own Accounts & Third-Party Accounts)
  2. Inter-Bank Transfer (NIBSS & QuickTeller)
  3. Local Money Transfer (Branch & ATM)
  4. Subsidiary Transfer
  5. International Transfer
Bills Payment
  1. Account & Transaction Enquiries
  2. Account Statements
  3. Credit Cards (Payments, Statements)
  4. Requests (Cheques, Cheque Confirmation, Stop Cheque, DD, Account Opening, etc)
  5. Loans
  6. Rates


2-Factor Authentication
  1. Login User ID and Password.
  2. Daily Spending Limit.
  3. 128 bit encrypted password system


  1. Access your accounts anywhere anytime.
  2. Remit funds to your loved ones and business associates locally and internationally.
  3. Pay your bills at your convenience (Any bill)
  4. Pay business partners and suppliers without stress.
  5. Do your transactions round the clock; it’s a 24/7 service.
  6. Save yourself the hassles of having to visit the Bank every time.
  7. Enjoy convenience.