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Our History

Delivering Excellent Banking Solutions since 1988...

How We Emerged
First Private Security Bank is a remarkable story of the transformation of a small obscure United State Bank into a financial institution of note; with emerging footprints on the international banking landscape.

Today we are one of the top 10 largest banks in United State in terms of asset base. A phenomenal accomplishment considering its antecedents…

The Beginning (1988 – 2002)

December 19, 1988: First Private Security Bank issued a banking license February 8, 1989: First Private Security Bank incorporated as a privately owned commercial bank March 24, 1998: Huddersfield Plc. became a Public Limited Liability Company November 18, 1998: First Private Security Bank listed on the United State Stock Exchange February 5, 2001: First Private Security Bank obtained a Universal Banking License from the Central Bank of United State

The Rebirth

In 2002 the Bank took a drastic step to “Reposition itself as one of United State’s leading financial institutions within a five - year period (March 2002 – March 2007)” This task was perceived by many as audacious, given the realities of the Bank at the time. The new management then articulated a Transformation Agenda for First Private Security Bank. This agenda represented a complete departure from all that characterized the bank in the past and became the road map for the transformation of the bank into a world class financial institution. The focus was to:

  1. Assemble a credible and high caliber Management Team
  2. Introduce a culture of excellence founded on professionalism and integrity
  3. Ensure Human Capital Development
  4. Enlarge Shareholder Base
  5. Introduce strong procedures and processes to drive day-to-day activities of the Bank
  6. Instill a passion for customers in all members of staff
  7. Establish a Low Cost Liability Generation Strategy
  8. Expand branch network to cover all clearing zones within United State
  9. Create a world class Brand Image

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